22 Aug



  • Stores planning of Location and proper identification, Stores utilization, Dynamic location planning and stacking in main stores.
  • Should be able to handle and guide day to day activities, like issue of correct Materials to Shop floor based on Production plan, issue and calculate the Material required for Contractors.
  • Able to handle the Domestic and International Logistic of both Imports and Exports.
  • Manage complex warehouse structures.
  • Define and manage storage areas and storage bins in the warehouse.
  • Ensure proper Maintenance of Raw material, Packing material, & Finish goods inventory.
  • Preparation of monthly stock statements with valuation for bank, Insurance
  • Responsible for Material requirement planning for raw materials and Consumables.
  • Monitoring and control of inventories.
  • Inventory management in Fully Computerized Environment
  • Logistic Activities like Transportation & Dispatches etc.


Role & responsibilities:


  • Manage several different types of storage of raw materials & final goods of glasses.
  • Process all relevant postings and transactions such as goods receipts, goods issues
  • Monitor stock movements of glass
  • Execute stock placements and removals using different strategies.
  • Process stock differences
  • Ensure that stock posted in the Inventory Management system is the same as the stock in the warehouse.
  • Integrate with materials management, product planning, Quality management and sales and distribution.
  • Handling Inward and Outward dispatches of glass.
  • Responsible for collecting PO copies from HO/Purchase Department.
  • Responsible for receiving dispatch details from purchases each package wise.
  • Responsible for collecting materials as per PO, Verify Delivery documents.
  • Responsible for identifying damages/shortage items.
  • Responsible for raising inward register.
  • Responsible for proper unloading and storage of items.
  • Responsible for entering information.
  • Responsible for arranging customer inspection.
  • Responsible for arranging all the documents for billing.
  • Responsible for receiving material indent with authentication from Construction
  • Manager/ package in charged/ Engineer.
  • Responsible for verifying of availability of stock each package wise.
  • Responsible for arranging Gate pass and arrange for material loading.
  • Responsible for collecting acknowledgement
  • Responsible for reconciliation of materials.
  • Responsible for sending daily stock statement to HO concerned site.
  • Responsible for keeping and maintaining all stores related records.
  • Responsible for safety, security and arranging first aid services in stores.
  • Liaison with Procurement Dept. for supply of materials
  • Receive materials in line with MRP, Stacking materials with identification, Job card specification, tracking of materials, provide stock statement, ISO knowledge.
  • Analysis & evaluation of daily & monthly M.I.S reports, which included daily & monthly material receipt summary, material returns, rejection reports, closing stock statement, and monthly consumption of project to top management.
  • To look after entire Stores / Warehouse activities, Maintenance of Raw material, Packing material, & Finish goods inventory. Preparation of monthly stock statements with valuation for bank, Insurance
  • Co-ordination with people working in warehouse
  • Keeping stock record
  • Handling Documentation
  • Handling inward and outward dispatches.
  • Managing backend operation of other warehouse/branches across the country.
  • Handling statutory Compliance
  • Develop and maintain sound internal control procedure to ensure integrity of inventory transactions and balance
  • Develop daily, weekly and monthly reports to monitor the receipt and movement of materials as well as the corresponding inventory transactions
    Initiate and execute physical inventory operations.
  • Monitor teams, execute system entries and report results for ongoing cycle counting.
  • Investigate, resolve and report any inventory variances or required adjustments.
  • Co-ordination with purchase for vendor development for aim of reducing cost of
  • Co-ordination with production & purchase for procurement of material.
  • Preparation of cost sheet for the loss of packaging material for individual product.
  • Decision for slow moving item & non-moving items for regular interval to purchase.
  • Co-ordination with accounts for the consumption & cost for the inventory.
  • Material requirement planning (MRP) through inventory norms


Job profile:


  • Graduate in Any Discipline (Science, Commerce, Engineering) Post Graduate in Materials Management with Hands on Experience in Stores And Warehouse Management, Proper House keeping of the same.
  • Ready to accept challenges, hard working.
  • Complete knowledge of ware housing and logistics domestic and international
  • Able to take short term and long term decision in his Area, Quick and easy to adept changes as defined and set by management.
  • Should have a Knowledge of ISO is essential,
  • Should be conversant with MS Office.
  • Good communication and leadership skills are also required
  • Hands on experience in inventory control and follow up with supplier’s preferred
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