Direct Marketing Manager – Digital

27 Aug

Job Specification

1. Understanding the clients business and marketing strategy.

2. To take complete responsibility and drive direct marketing engagements in the digital space with the given clients right from developing the strategy for the overall brand to the individual execution of each campaign

3. To seamlessly be able to execute the said plan which would involve the following

a. Developing an understanding of the campaign management technology

b. Creating a weekly plan and ensuring timely review, closure and execution of all campaigns

c. To work seamlessing with the internal creative and ops team to deliver the plan in a timely and efficient manner

d . To provide regular reports to the client on effectiveness and success of the campaigns be able to optimize the plan basis

4. To be able to liaise with the client directly and management the communication flow to and from co. in the direct marketing digital space

5. To be constantly innovating and providing ideas to client on communication and execution parameters

Key Result Area

1.Development of a clear digitial direct marketing plan for the client on a monthly basis

2. Seamless and timely exeuction of campaigns and reports

3. Day to day client management / servicing on all aspects relating to online media

4. Seamless integration with internal product, creative, online marketing, social media, technology and ops teams within the organisation

Skill Set Requirement (competency)

1. Direct Marketing experience, with digital focus (preferable)

2. Basic familiarity with technology, should have executed some email marketing campaigns

3. Excellent communication skills

4. Familiarity with basic reporting software’s

Experience – Quality & Quantity

  1. Overall direct marketing experience of 4 -6 yrs.
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