Excessive and/or Patterned Absenteeism/Tardiness

17 Dec

To:                   Employee name

Job Title



From:              Supervisor name

Job Title




Subject:           Final Warning – Excessive Absences


This letter serves as a final warning:


In reviewing departmental sick leave, I have noted that your tardiness and absenteeism have reached a patterned and excessive level.  From date to date you clocked in late on over (# of occurrences).  As well, your sick time use totaled (#of hours) and (# of days) fell on Monday, Friday, the day before/after a holiday and/or scheduled day off.  Your attendance has a negative impact on the functioning of our department and requires your immediate attention.


Under University of Miami policy, sick leave may be used for personal illness or injury or medical or dental appointments.  Doctor’s appointments should be scheduled at the beginning or end of the work day and you must request this time off in advance.  Due to the pattern of your absences, University of Miami policy on Absence (B010) allows me to require that you submit verification of illness from a physician for absences of one day or more if there are repeated instances or repeated absences before or after holidays or scheduled days off.


We have discussed your absenteeism and it has also been documented in your performance review.  You also received a written warning regarding your tardiness and absenteeism on date.  Your pattern of tardiness and absenteeism must improve immediately.  If you have not made significant improvements by date, your actions will leave me no choice but to remove you from 10-hour shifts and place you back on 8-hour shifts.


Under the University policy for Disciplinary/Professional Conduct, excessive absenteeism or patterned absenteeism can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


I acknowledge by my signature below that I have been afforded the opportunity to review and sign this correspondence prior to it being placed in my personnel file.



______________________________________                    _______________

Employee Name                                                                     Date



CC:      Human Resources

Personnel File

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