Final Warning Insubordination, Unprofessional Conduct, Inappropriate Language Combination Letter

17 Dec

To:                   Employee name

Job Title



From:              Supervisor name

Job Title




Subject:           Final Warning


This letter serves as a final warning:


Your continued performance problems adversely impact the operations of our department and require immediate and sustained improvement.


We have counseled you about these ongoing performance problems in an effort to help you perform at an acceptable level.  Your last performance appraisal, dated date, indicates the performance areas requiring improvement.  In addition, a recent incident occurred on date in which you displayed unprofessional conduct, which is against the University Conduct Policy.  You raised your voice, used inappropriate language, and threw paperwork during the meeting with your supervisor and manager.  Following the incident, Name discussed the incident with you, during which time you admitted you used inappropriate language and acted inappropriately.


This is not the first time a performance problem has been addressed with you.  Your inability to state deficiencies was previously discussed with you and noted by your manager.  Your job description clearly states your role as a Job Title.  Refusal to follow supervisor’s instructions and failure to perform assigned tasks will not be tolerated.


Your behavior has a negative impact on the functioning of the department.  There must be an immediate and sustained improvement in your performance.  Specifically, you must treat your co-workers and supervisors appropriately.  Additionally, you must work as directed by your supervisor on assigned tasks.  Furthermore, you must perform at an acceptable level.


Due to your unacceptable conduct and continued performance problems, we are issuing you this final warning.  If you do not immediately improve your performance and sustain it at an acceptable level or if there are any other performance problems, your employment with the University will be terminated.


I acknowledge by my signature below that I have been afforded the opportunity to review and sign this correspondence prior to it being placed in my personnel file.



______________________________________                    __________

Employee name                                                                     Date


CC:      Human Resources

Personnel File

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