Final Warning Unprofessional Conduct

17 Dec

To:                   Employee name

Job Title



From:              Supervisor name

Job Title




Subject:           Final Warning – Unprofessional Conduct


This letter serves as a final warning:


You were counseled, regarding unprofessional conduct, on the following dates:


Date                            Performance evaluation

State details of items addressed in performance appraisal


Date                            Written warning:  Inappropriate Behavior:

State details of violation


Date                            Performance Evaluation

State details of items addressed in performance appraisal



You engaged in unprofessional conduct by yelling at me and a colleague and by communicating your unwillingness to comply with OSHA regulations.


The Director/Manager, and I, informed you this type of unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated.  Your continued unprofessional behavior and insubordination is harmful and detrimental to University and clinical operations of the Department name.


Effective immediately, you are required to govern yourself in a professional manner at all times, maintain regulatory compliance and follow instructions of your supervisor.


Through your own admission, you indicated you need to improve your professional conduct.  Please be advised that if this problem is not immediately corrected or if there are any other performance problems, or, you engage in unacceptable behavior in the future, your employment will be immediately terminated.


I acknowledge by my signature below that I have been afforded the opportunity to review and sign this correspondence prior to it being placed in my personnel file.



______________________________________                                __________

Employee Name                                                                                 Date


CC:      Human Resources

Personnel File

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