Expense Reimbursement

18 Dec

The policy is subject to change as and when required by the management and company laws & agreements.


The purpose of this document is to promulgate company policy relating to reimbursement of expenses which might arise as a result of performing duties and discharging responsibilities on official business for the company. It is Company’s policy to reimburse employees for ordinary, necessary and reasonable expenses when directly related to the transaction of its business.


Expense Reimbursement Policy is applicable to all employees.


Expense: The amount expected to be incurred in the circumstances and for the particular type of activity giving rise to the expenditure

Policy: Company Expense Reimbursement Policy

Expenses Classification

Expenses are classified as under:

Non-Reimbursable Expense

Any item of personal nature

Any expense incurred on something for which an alternate is already provided

Tax on personal income

Tips and gratuities

Reimbursable expense

Employee medical expense

Approved expenses

Taxi fares

Public transport fares

Parking fees and motorway tolls

Fueling expense

Meal expenses

Business entertainment expenses

General Guidelines

Reimbursement will be on the basis of actual and reasonable expenses.

  • The basic principal governing expenses is that an individual should neither gain nor lose funds in the course of conducting Company business.
  • Company will only reimburse expenses incurred in connection with Company business that are appropriately documented by the employee.
  • Entertainment Expense Vouchers must be approved by the immediate supervisor or a manager.


All claims for reimbursement of expenses are to be supported by evidentiary documentation such as original receipts and approved expense claim form.

Policy Exceptions

Generally, any exception to this policy must have the prior written approval of the Manager Administration. Requests for exceptions should document extenuating circumstances. At certain times, under unusual circumstances, exception may be made after the fact; however, payment by the Finance department will not be made without the approval of the Manager Administration and Manager Finance.

Travel Expenses Reimbursement

Travel expenses may include the following:

  • Taxi fares
  • Public transport fares
  • Fueling expense
  • Air travel

Fueling expenses limits are covered under Sprint Vehicle Policy.

Company provides for the air fare/travel expenses before the travel is undertaken.

Below criteria will govern the decision making of air travel.

  • The Company will arrange for air travel that involves the company’s business.
  • The Company will arrange for air travel when an immediate presence of the person undertaking travel is required at destination.
  • Air travel arrangement will be made at economy or equivalent class.
  • If the destination can be reached by road within 8 hours, the travel will be undertaken on the company cars.

Employee Medical Expenses Reimbursement

Company assists employees in meeting medical expenses for self and eligible family members. Medical expenses are categorized into:

  • Outpatient expense
  • Hospitalization

Outpatient Expenses

  • Medical expense equivalent to two basic salaries per year will be reimbursed.
  • For the purpose of medical expense reimbursement, the employee will submit a filled expense claim form mentioning his name, date and description of expenses incurred.
  • Reimbursable medical claims are covered under employee insurance policy.
  • Medical expense claim form will be submitted and reimbursement will be made during the first week of every month.

Hospitalization Expenses

  • Hospitalization of the employees is covered by the insurance.
  • Below schedule explains the benefits/limits covered by the insurance as per employee category.


Credit Cards

If a corporate credit card is issued to personnel for organization-related expenses, an expense reports, explaining charges, should be submitted.

Accommodation/Lodging Expenses Reimbursement

  • Employees undertaking travel, to/from client locations and/or outstation client offices for business meeting, will stay at the designated hotels where corporate discount rates are availed of by Company.
  • Admin department will arrange for boarding and lodging for employees, traveling to/from client locations and/or client offices for business meeting, at the intimation from the person(s) undertaking the travel.
  • All reimbursement/payments for accommodation/lodging expenses will be made directly to the designated hotels.
  • In case of non-availability of accommodation with the designated hotels, the person in-charge will exercise discretion and good business judgment while deciding for other available options with respect to accommodation expenses paid from the petty cash.


Recognizing that it is an appropriate use of Company’s funds to purchase modest gifts for clients, reimbursement will be made for the purchase of reasonable items. Any gifts of merchandise for such purposes shall be modest and reasonable.

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