Compensation Management

25 Dec

6 Marks


  1. what do you understand by performance appraisal
  2. discuss the need for rewards for sales personnel
  3. distinguish between pay and commission
  4. discuss the advantages of job evaluation
  5. what are the  essentials of sound ppraisal system
  6. what is meant by commission
  7. what is meant by performance based pay system
  8. elucidate pay commissions
  9. discuss the limitations of traditional method of performance appraisal
  10. why the job evaluation is important for compensation management
  11. write basic applications of performance appraisal systems
  12. explain the classifications of compensation
  13. distinguish the basic features between wage and salary
  14. how a wage is fixed in India
  15. who are all the members in wage boards
  16. how the pay commission in summarizing the data for pay fixation
  17. define job evaluation. Distinguish it from performance appraisal
  18. what to you mean by incentive system. Discuss its features
  19. discuss balance method of wage payment
  20. what is commission salary plan. Bring out its merits and demerits
  21. how the compensation management is dealt in multinational organizations
  22. explain performance appraisal. Enumerate the trends in it
  23. discuss the measures to make a fringe benefit programme effective
  24. bring out the features of a good rewards system for sales personnel
  25. explain the traditional and new technique in job evaluation
  26. how to set a performance standard? Can we alter the performance standard frequently?
  27. explain the classifications of compensation
  28. how the wages are fixed up
  29. differentiate between pay and commission, which factors decides the decision of pay and commission
  30. write short note on “ rewards for sales personnel”
  31. list out the objectives of pay commissions
  32. how the wage board play a note in employee welfare
  33. explain ranking method of job evaluation. Bring out its merits and demerits
  34. what do you mean by incentive system. Discuss its features
  35. how will you calculate living wage and fair wage
  36. bring out the features of a good rewards for sales personnel
  37. examine the main provisions of minimum wage legislations in India
  38. discuss the performance standards of the employees in an organization
  39. what is profit sharing scheme. What types of problems do emerge in profit sharing scheme
  40. enumerate the requisites for the success of wage incentive paln

10 Marks


  1. explain the procedure of job evaluation
  2. how are the compensation classified. Explain
  3. discuss various theories of wages.
  4. describe executives compensation plan.
  5. elucidate the importance of pay commissions
  6. describe wage payment
  7. explain ranking method of evaluation. Discuss its merits and demerits
  8. discuss about the modern methods of performance appraisal
  9. explain salary administration
  10. discuss the need for incentives for sales personnel
  11. explain the importance of wage boards
  12. elucidate the need for compensation management in multinational organizations
  13. how managers can make a choice of performance appraisal system.
  14. discuss the new techniques involved in the job evaluation in the present scenario. What are the difficulties faced by the job evaluation during job evaluation
  15. explain the role and responsibilities of the performance appraiser at the time of performance appraisal process
  16. “ fringe benefits are normally used as a informal way rather than a ethical motivation in a company” critically evaluate
  17. “ salary administration in India is not so flexible, it is more static than dynamism” – comment
  18. discuss about the executive compensation plan and packages in India
  19. “ pay and commission are the tools equally powerful, it should be used as a double edged sword. If one is exceeding the other it will be a demotivating factor” . how do you foresee the above statement. Give suitable examples.
  20. compare and contrast the compensation management system in India companies and in multinational companies
  21. critically evaluate the functional role of pay commissions in India
  22. explain behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) method of performance appraisal. Bring out its steps involved and evaluation
  23. what do you mean by employees welfare and social security. What are the benefits that are provided under these schemes
  24. explain time wage method. Discuss its merits and demerits
  25. discuss the executive compensation plans and packages
  26. examine critically the role played by wage boards in the development of a wage policy for the industrial sector of the Indian economy
  27.  what do you mean by appraisal results? How does it work
  28. how will you formulate a good incentive system.
  29. describe the evolution of wage policy in India. How far wages have been standardized in India
  30. job evaluation must be case by case and industry by industry-justify this statement , how these concept of job evaluation should be practiced in each industry
  31. discuss the types and methods of incentives and fringe benefits in IT industry
  32. explain the wage and salary administration method in India
  33. how the wage fixation is implemented and  designed by the government in India. What are the pitfalls in the wage and salary administration in India
  34. explain the methods and procedures involved in executives compensation plan. How this compensation plan should be a motivation tool to the executives
  35. discuss the methods of compensation management is multinational organizations
  36. critically evaluate the role of pay commission in India
  37. Performance appraisal system in India is not much focused towards the employee orientation – agree (or) disagree. Give suitable support for your arguments
  38. explain point method of job evaluation. Discuss its merits and demerits
  39. what is cafeteria compensation plan. Discuss the situations in which this plan is more effective
  40. explain piece wage method. Bring out its merits and conditions where it can be followed effectively
  41. enumerate the incentives offered to sales personnel
  42. examine critically the role played by pay commission in compensating employees
  43. discuss the factors affecting wages
  44. what do you mean by straight salary plan? Bring out its merits and demerits
  45. what  do you mean by wage structure? What is minimum wages? How will you calculate minimum wages?

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