Human Resource information system

25 Dec

6 Marks


  1. what are the sources of data.
  2. what is the need for oracles financials
  3. what is meant by data storage and retrieval
  4. distinguish between data and information
  5. describe the module on PA system
  6. how does HRIS help in authority and responsibility flows
  7. elucidate the role of HRIS in communication process
  8. discuss about the orientation and training module for HR
  9. trace out the difficulties faced by HR manager doesn’t have technology back ground
  10. how data storage and retrieval helps the HR manager for his functions
  11. identify some software called as standard software and customized software used for human resource information system
  12. explain the modules of MPP
  13. identify how the information system support the planning and control in HRIS
  14. explain how the organization structure is a factor in the HR management process
  15. describe the essential communication process involved in the human resource management
  16. what are the role of ITES in human resource management
  17. give the meaning of ERP and what are the object ERP and HRIS
  18. what do you mean by SAP? Why is it important in information system
  19. point out the characteristics features of Indian management for HRIS
  20. distinguish between standards software and customized software in HRIS
  21. what do you understand by MPP? Why is it essential for HRIS modules
  22. outline the salient features of organization structure in HRIS
  23. what are the security of data and operations of HRIS modules
  24. what type of data and information needed for a HR manager
  25. explain the HR software packages used in current HR practices
  26. how do the system of office automation facilitates the HR management function
  27. how the HR manager is responsible for HR decision making
  28. explain the module on pay and related dimension in HR applications
  29. write short note on : organization culture and power”
  30. write short note on “ communication process in organization”
  31. explain the styles of organization
  32. what are the data and information needed for the HR manager
  33. HRIS in ERP and SAP
  34. explain data formats, entry procedure and process
  35. HRM needs in an organization
  36. differentiate HR management process and HRIS
  37. what are the information systems support for planning and control
  38. what are the behavioral patterns of HR
  39. what is responsibility flows and communication process

10 Marks


  1. discuss the importance of IT for managers
  2. elucidate the relevance of decision making concepts for information system design
  3. describe about standard software and customized software
  4. discuss the behavioral patterns of  HR managers in information processing for decision making
  5. how are common problems during IT adoption efforts and processes overcome
  6. explain the applications of ovacles financials and ramco’s marshal in HRIS
  7. design an HRIS for  an 100 bed hospital management consists of 50 doctors 50 technical staff
  8. “ human resource management needs HRIS for a well functioning so HRIS is not an expenditure it is an investment” comment
  9. how the HR modules to be developed for training? Develop a model which suits for the company like manufacturing industry
  10. discuss about the role and responsibility of the HRIS manager to be followed in HRIS management
  11. “ data security and data operations is a key issue in HRIS management” critically evaluate the importance of this statement
  12. discuss about the types of orientation and training modules for HR and other functionaries to be given for HRIS management
  13. discuss the human resource management practices that may be applied for survey of software packages of HRIS
  14.  examine the various software packages and ramco marshal formulae that may be applied in HRIS
  15. what do you mean by information processing and control function? How it can be brought about in a HRIS
  16. examine the process of HR management in PA system module
  17. describe the behavioral patterns of HR of other managers in HRIS
  18. evaluate the ITES personnel and explain he employs legislation in HRIS
  19. how the human resource information system are effectively adoption of substance in HRM
  20. what are the common problems faced by the IT industry. Suggest you remedial measures to overcome the problems?
  21. discuss the role of information technology and information technology enabled services in HRM
  22. explain the applications of ERP and SAP software’s for HR functions
  23.  how to plan for a design of HRIS? What are the difficulties faced by the HR manager in HRIS planning
  24. discuss the scope of the module development to be used for training and development in a organization
  25. discuss the influences of organization structure design and flow of authority and responsibility in developing HRIS in organizations
  26. discuss the role of HR manager in relating the HRIS and employee legislation
  27. discuss the chance of winning and loosing opportunities in implementing HRIS by the organizations
  28. the investment made on HRIS will have a scope to get a return by a productivity and performance of a organization – comment on this statement
  29.  discuss the role of ITES in HRM and IT for HR-managers
  30. explain a) SAP b) ERP  c) oracles finance in relation with HRIS
  31. explain information processing and control function
  32. give some standard software and customized software of HRIS and explain the investment procedures for it
  33. explain the following module :

a)      PA system

b)      7 and D

c)      pay and related dimensions


  1. what are the information systems support for planning and control
  2. explain organizational structures and related management process
  3. how will you capture data and flow will you monitor and review it

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