Manufacturing KRA

25 Dec

Manufacturing KRAs include KRAs (can apply for KPIs management):

1. Customer Satisfaction

2. Good working conditions

3. Product development.

4. Preventive maintenance

5. Delivery management:

• Minimize downtime and
• Meet annual production target as per expected cycle time.

6. Resource Utilization

• Maximizing quality of product, efficiency of production and maximize production rates.
• Compliance of corporate policy norms.
• Maximize plant efficiency through teamwork and innovation

7. Operational costs.

• Minimize the scarp level/wastage reduction.
• Control overhead expenditure.
• Stock Control.
• Reduction in operating costs.
• Minimize the inventory levels.

8. Implementation of quality control programs

• Apply newer management techniques such as ISO, TQM, Six Sigma, etc.
• Application and acceptance of new technology.
• Shop floor improvements.

9. Productivity: Improvement of process.

10. Record Keeping.

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