Organizational development and change FAQ

25 Dec

6 marks


  1. write short notes on  forces stimulating change
  2. what are the factors treated as individual factors influences the resistance of changes
  3. how the change program should be effectively designed to manage the changes
  4. explain the phases of organizational development
  5. how the process of intervention is important in O.D
  6. what do you understand by the concept of learning organization. Give any two examples
  7. what is planned change?
  8. write short notes on survey feedback
  9. identify the agents influencing the changes
  10. what are the organizational factors effects the resistance of changes
  11. write a short note on job redesign
  12. identify the basic values of organizational development
  13. explain the importance of  feedback in organizational development process
  14. write short note on sensitivity training
  15. how the concept of innovations can be utilized for organization development
  16. write short note on technological interventions.
  17. explain kurt lewin’s three phases of change
  18. discuss the role of group dynamics to overcome the resistance to change
  19. bring out the effectiveness of change programs
  20. discuss the role of diagnosis in understanding the problem of the organization
  21. what is the role of grid organizational development. Describe its various phases
  22. narrate the dimensions of planned change
  23. discuss the techniques to overcome change
  24. what is job redesigning. Discuss its impact on work order of an organization.
  25. what is called as change. What are the sources for changes
  26. how to plan for the unplanned changes in change management
  27. identify the organizational and individual factors for the resistance of change
  28. explain the methods to implement changes
  29. how to evaluate and terminate the change plan
  30. write short note on sensitivity training
  31. how to develop a inter group development in a organization


10 marks


  1. explain the lewin’s three step model
  2. How the organizational manager should manage the planned and unplanned change. Give suitable illustration
  3. explain the need and importance of socio-technical system approach for change management
  4. How the human process interventions can be utilized as an effective tool for organization development  interventions. What are the pitfalls can arise in the involvement of human interventions
  5. Structure and strategy interventions most of the time gets failure result. Justify
  6. Regular manager will not have same vision like the OD manager.  Comment
  7. elucidate job redesign
  8. discuss the role of inter group development in organizational intervention
  9. explain lewin’s three step model
  10. how manager can make a better change agent. Discuss
  11. why people resist change. What are the different  causes for resistance to change
  12. explain the different models of organizational change
  13. change is the only event, which cannot be stopped in the organization. Critically comment
  14. discuss about the reasons and factors influencing the resistance for changes. Give suitable illustrations
  15. how to measure the effectiveness of change programs. If not so correct. How to redesign the change programs.
  16. how the organizational diagnosis should be done for OD? What are the do’s and don’ts to be followed in organizational diagnosis
  17. explain the methodology to be adopted in survey feedback for organizational development. What are the pitfalls occur in survey feedback method
  18. inter-group development is more difficult than a process of OD. comment
  19.  OD should not be the one time process it is a continuous process. Justify
  20. why do people generally resist to change? Do personality factors play a role in this process
  21. narrate the efforts at the individual level to overcome the resistance to change
  22. what is OD? Bring out its characteristics
  23. what do you mean OD intervention. Explain sensitivity training in this regard.
  24. discuss the process involved and strategy followed in planned change
  25. discuss the lawin’s three step model in change management
  26. any changes will not be a permanent one, the next change will replace previous change- in this situation how the organization should plan for managing these changes
  27. explain the steps involved in change process. How to encounter the problems arises during the challenges in the change implementation
  28. discuss the OD intervention techniques with its merits and demerits
  29. explain the role of process consultation and survey feedback in the organization development
  30. how the intergroup development can be developed in a organization. What are the advantages of inter group development
  31. explain the role of consultants in the process and plan of organizational development,

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