Recruitment Policy

05 Jan


  1. The core purpose of the Policy is to communicate recruitment and selection rules and processes to all relevant parties as a requirement for compliance
  2. To ensure that we have a consistent, fair and cost effective approach to the way that we recruit and select candidates for our organization
  3. To ensure that appropriate funding levels are identified and approved for each position.
  4. Attracts, identifies, and hires the most qualified applicant for the job both technical and personal.
  5. To provide guidelines and fix time lines for hiring people to support organizational operations.

Policy Guidelines

 It is the policy of our organization, which is to establish and adhere to standard recruitment procedures. This guide is a brief summary of the key points central to conducting a successful search. It is the policy, that recruitment for all full and part-time staff positions reflects a balanced commitment to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, good personnel management practices, and the mission and goals of our organization.

 HR Role

 The HR may act in an advisory capacity to any party and/or as an independent facilitator. HR is not in a position to make decisions, but may offer recommendations for resolution

Recruitment Process

Refer to the Standard Operating Process


 In the Process, all application details are treated with the utmost confidentiality.  It is the responsibility of HR and the Reporting Manager (or her/his nominee) to ensure that suitable arrangements are made for confidentiality to be maintained.


 At all stages of the recruitment process, it is the responsibility of the Chair of the panel to ensure that notes are kept detailing, with the reason for selection or rejection of candidates.  These notes could be called upon as evidence of the fairness of the process, either through an internal assessment or to support an external investigation.  The notes should therefore be relevant to, and necessary for the process itself.  It should be noted that applicants would normally be entitled to have access to interview notes about them which are retained as part of the record of the interview.  All records must be handed to HRD by the Chair of the panel.

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