Office Safety Policy

07 Jan

POLICY:  Safety in the Office Environment


POLICY #: [Insert Number]


PERTAINS TO:All Employees


[Company Name] does it´s best to insure a safe working environment. We comply with all federal and state legislation regarding safety issues. The issue of safety requires cooperation, and so all employees must follow our safety policy. They should also take it upon themselves to be cautious in the workplace, and to immediately alert their supervisor of any safety hazards or injuries. Employees who deliberately violate health and safety issues will face disciplinary action.


Be Aware of:

* Blocked fire exits or extinguishers

* Blocked walkways

* Slippery floors or spills

* Frayed electrical wires

* Poorly lit areas and burnt-out light bulbs


General Safety Rules:

* Follow all safety procedures for your job

* Do not use any equipment that you are not trained for

* Keep walkways, doorways, fire exits, fire extinguishers, or fire sprinklers unblocked

* Keep your workstation clean

* Clean up any messes or spills immediately

* Report any hazards or injuries to your supervisor immediately



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