Workplace Violence Policy

07 Jan

POLICY: Workplace Violence

POLICY NUMBER: [Insert Number]


PERTAINS TO: All Employees


The purpose of this policy is to ensure all employees have a safe workplace free from aggressive, threatening, or violent acts. To ensure safety, the Company has adopted a zero tolerance stance towards any inappropriate conduct and behavior. In addition, the Company has the right to conduct background checks on any and all potential employees who may pose any threat to the safety of himself/herself and others in the workplace. As an employee of [Insert Company Name], you are expected to refrain from inappropriate conduct including:

-[Insert list of inappropriate conduct and behaviors as defined by the Company]


It is considered the duty and responsibility of all employees to prevent violence in the workplace. Therefore, all employees have an obligation to report any and all incidences of violence and/or inappropriate conduct/behavior immediately to their supervisor.  All reports will be investigated and all information will be held strictly confidential.Any employee found to be in violation of this policy and the above listed prohibitions will be subject to discipline up to and including discharge with cause.


The following additional provisions regarding workplace violence may also be implemented if applicable:

-Training programs – a preventative workplace violence program for all employees to be scheduled as a part of orientation and annually thereafter

-Educational offerings – encourages employees and supervisors to enroll in courses to learn more about working with each other

-Employee assistance programs – offers employees and their eligible dependants a service in assisting with dealing with life´s difficulties

-Violence prevention teams – created to implement the Company´s workplace violence program, handle incidences of violence, and assist all employees

Incident management – provides counseling, support services, and resources to employees and their immediate families in the case of a major workplace incident.


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