Dress Code Policy

08 Jan

Dress Code Policy



Master Infotech’s objective, in establishing a dress code, is to enable employees to project a professional, business-like image while experiencing the comfort advantages of more casual and relaxed clothing. Business casual dress is the standard for this dress code.

This section clearly outlines employees how Master Infotech expects employee’s to dress at work. 

The dress code policy pertains to all employees within all positions and departments of Master Infotech and should be in accordance to the following standards:

Mondays through Thursdays

Business casual attire may be worn between Monday and Thursday of each week. Typically this type of dress would include: suits, dresses, skirts, dress pants, khaki´s, dress shoes, nylons/socks, blazers, dress shirts, golf shirts, turtle necks, and sweaters.

When dressing in business casual attire, employees should keep in mind all appointments with Company customers, suppliers or vendors and dress accordingly. Jeans of any color are not deemed acceptable business casual attire.

Friday and Saturday

These days are considered to be dress “down” days. Jeans, walking shorts, casual shirts and casual shoes are permitted provided they are in good condition.

Once again employees should exercise discretion, keeping in mind all appointments with Company customers, suppliers and vendors and dress accordingly. Jogging attire and tank/halter tops are not deemed acceptable.

Master Infotech operates a smart casual dress policy. This means that we expect that all employees dress in a neat manner appropriate to:

•     the work they are doing;

•     the clients they are dealing with; and

•     what is typical within Master Infotech’s culture.


Shoes and Footwear

Loafers, boots, flats, clogs, conservative athletic shoes, sneakers, dress heels, and leather deck shoes are acceptable. Flashy athletic shoes, thongs, flip-flops, and slippers are not acceptable in the office.

The overriding consideration is that you look professional at all times and that you dress appropriately for the occasion.

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