Emergency Instructions (Fire exit) Policy

08 Jan

POLICY: Emergency Instructions: Fire

POLICY #: [Insert Number]


PERTAINS TO: All Employees


[Company Name] requires the following be followed upon the discovery of a fire:

Remain calm and avoid shouting “Fire!”

Pull the nearest fire alarm, and notify those in immediate danger.

If possible and safe, attempt to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher or by cutting off oxygen to the fire.

If it is not possible or safe to extinguish the fire, call 911 from the nearest safe phone and give the operator the location of the fire.

Do not prop any fire doors open.

Evacuate, using appropriate exits and escape routes.

[Company Name] requires the following steps to be followed in the situation that the fire alarm sounds:

Stop what you are doing immediately.

Remain calm and follow instructions.

Do not look for other people or attempt to take along belongings.

Do not prop any fire doors open.

Using the nearest appropriate exit or escape route, leave the building quickly and calmly. Do not take elevators.

If your company has a designated meeting area, proceed there now. If not, proceed to safe ground away from building.

Do not obstruct fire hydrants or any fire/rescue workers.

Do not re-enter the building until fire officials or your supervisor informs you that you may.



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