Recruitment Process

10 Jan

Recruitment process


Recruiting the right talent is a vital process in the growth of the company and it is a time consuming process which also involves large financial investment.  To ensure that we recruit the right kind of  people, the process must commence well in time.  Hence forth the following system will be strictly adhered to.


(a) Forecast of Manpower – all Heads of department are to put up a Quarterly forecast of Manpower requirement   to their respective Directors and after getting duly approved , ensure that its reaches HR department of HO atleast 3  months before.


(b) Manpower requisition – every manpower needed to be recruited has to bbe filled up in the manpower requisition form and after getting duly approved by Director , handed over to HR of HO atleast 3 months in advance. All requisition form has to be accompanied by a copy of the job profile of the concerned position. A separate form is to be filled up for every vacancy.


(c)        The HR will collate the entire detail and examine the best method for seeking candidates. Suitable method of collecting data will be decided and advt given / employment agency chosen.


(d)        The CV will be collated and then HR  would commence the weeding out process of unsuitable CVs. HR is to then forward those meeting, the given  “must have qualifications”  to the concerned Departmental Head at the first instant.


(e)        The candidate’s CV must be perused in detail by the departmental Head and if any gaps are found in the information, the clarification should be sought by E Mail keeping HR informed or telephonically.  All such info must be put on record.



(e)        Interview committee – The interview committee will comprise of the following


  • one HR rep
  • Departmental head seeking employee
  • Manager under whom the candidate will be directly employed
  • One technical Manager/ senior Manger is mandatory for all technical position


The committee is to consist of atleast 3 of the 4 indicated above. The HR representative is must.


The Interview 


 The interview will comprise of


  • Filling up of candidate information form
  • IQ and EQ test ( to be formatted by the HR in consultation with HR consultation firm) if required.
  • Any special skill test like typing, shorthand, computer language proficiency.
  • Professional expertise
  • General knowledge


The front desk Executive is to seat the candidate in the reception area / conference hall/ waiting room and get the form filled up.

Thereafter collect a copy of latest resume and form and forward the same to HR.

The HR is to thereafter coordinate the first two tests (these two tests may be avoided for senior position) and thereafter call the candidate before the committee for verbal interaction.


Professional expertise and GK would be checked out during the interview.  Once the interview is completed, the candidate

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