Employee Probation & Confirmation Policy

12 Jan


  1. To establish whether there is an appropriate match between the employee, the job, and the work environment.
  2. To establish whether a good working atmosphere exists within the work group.
  3. Employee confirmation follows a successful probation.

Policy Guidelines

Before the end of the probation period specified in the employee’s appointment letter, a decision must be made as to whether the employee should continue in employment with the organisation. In the event of an employee not meeting the probation criteria (outlined elsewhere), appropriate action, including extension of probation or termination, will be initiated.

HR Role

 The HR may act in an advisory capacity to any party and/or as an independent facilitator. HR is the only one point moderator between the parties.

Confirmation Process

Refer to the Standard Operating Process


In the Confirmation Process, the feedback and the discussion that ensued between different parties should be treated with utmost confidentiality. It is the responsibility of HR, the Reporting Manager (or her/his nominee) and the Employee, to ensure this confidentiality.


 At all stages of the Confirmation process, it is the responsibility of the Reporting Manager to handover all the necessary documents to HR.  HR will ensure detailed notes / minutes in respect of discussions pertaining to probation extension / confirmation are maintained. These documents will be called upon as evidence of the fairness of the process, either as an internal review or to support the confirmation process.  The notes should therefore be relevant to, and necessary for the process itself.

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