12 Jan


  • Handling the Maintenance dept.
  • Corrective, preventive & predictive maintenance,
  • Uptime monitoring & performance of facilities.
  • Maintenance of tools, suppliers & materials
  • Maintenance planning & execution.
  • Spares planning, procurement, stock & management
  • Machine manuals & history records
  • Energy management
  • Work culture
  • Maintenance procedures, recording
  • Maintenance performance monitoring & reporting.
  • Man power planning & management


Role & responsibilities:


  • To ensure availability of all facilities and maintaining focus on reducing downtime.
  • Plan, procure & maintain spares.
  • Technical assistance in installation of plant, machinery, utilities of new plant. Safety.
  • Handling technicians
  • Reporting to General Manager on a daily basis
  • Assisting and helping mechanics in section
  • Ordering and maintain essential spares
  • Buyer compliance issues
  • Regular maintenance records
  • Renewal of licenses and AMC for suppliers and contractors Ordering new machinery for new styles
  • Installation, commissioning & integration of various CNC systems/PLC modules.
  • Plan preventive & predictive maintenance.
  • Fault diagnosis and take corrective action.
  • Track cost of maintenance activity. Spares planning
  • Machine & Equipment Maintenance.
  • Installation, Plan and implement preventive & predictive maintenance.
  • Knowledge of machine settings and machine alignment. Maintenance Management System
  • Proficiency with various techniques of maintenance particularly Condition based maintenance.
  • Spares requirement and planning activities.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Air Compressors / D.G. sets / Transformers / All electrical panels / Lighting / Electrical distribution.
  • Operation & Maintenance of A.C plant / Window A.C / Water Coolers.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Air Washers.
  • Operation & Maintenance of all air blowers and exhaust fans in the premises.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers and safety management.
  • To ensure continuous supply of water for drinking and production purpose.
  • Miscellaneous job related to civil and building maintenance.
  • Documentation pertaining to ISO.
  • Implementation of New Techniques in Maintenance like TPM, Kaizen,
  • Ø Plan, Manage & Implement the Contractual works.

Job profile:

  • Diploma / Degree Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics / Maintenance Eng.
  • Excellent verbal & written communication in English & Hindi.
  • Good understanding & familiarity with Computers & applications.
  • Strong inter-personnel skills, Systematic, disciplined & prompt work style
  • Min. 8 years independently handling well organized maintenance department.
  • Familiarity with Computer driven machines having CNC, PLC, Pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical & electrical systems, Diesel generating systems, Electric power receiving and distribution systems HT& L.T.
  • Worked in an ISO 900X certified organization, annual turnover Rs. 50 crore, 150+ manpower preferably with profit center environment, Transparent, fully accountable, systematic work style, Promoting & maintaining cordial industrial relations
  • Basic Mechanical Knowledge of Utilities, Material Handling System.
  • Should have knowledge of best maintenance practices being followed to achieve zero breakdowns
  • Sufficient experience in the corrective & preventive maintenance of machines and utility.
  • Proficiency with various techniques of maintenance particularly Condition based maintenance.
  • Should have knowledge of spares requirement and planning activities.
  • Knowledge of preventative maintenance tools
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