12 Jan



  • Try to expand the production capacity.
  • Build mechanism to maintain competitive edge in market
  • System development & implementation
  • Ensure cost control by producing quality product at cheaper rate.
  • Technological innovation & implementation 
  • Ensure quality improvement.
  • Production planning works orders.
  • Purchase indents.
  • Operations planning & management
  • Ø Ensure quality raw material are deliver


Role & responsibilities:


  • Ensure quality raw material should be deliver from suppliers
  • Checking of raw materials & other parts of production
  • Responsible for production with efficiency as per targets & schedules.
  • Coordinating production delivery as per marketing schedules.
  • Product development trials.
  • Training & development of shift engineer’s.
  • Responsible for production planning, materials management, inventory and process controls while ensuring that all resources of men, machine and material on the shop floor are optimally utilized.
  • Coordinate with other departments for smooth inflow of services and prepare/ maintain all production and related reports systematically.
  • Responsible for production planning
  • Monitor material movement, parts release schedules, production milestones.
    Update schedules as needed and advise appropriate personnel.
  • Monitor items on order and in inventory in support of Customer delivery requirements.
  • Prioritize critical material needs in accordance with approved production plans.
  • Communicate with various plant personnel regarding critical shortages, material availability, delivery dates and production schedules.
  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly production schedules to assure compliance with production requirements and timely production operations.
  • Compile and analyze information and dates and prepare various reports including program status reports.
  • Review open order reports to identify material availability.
  • Responsible perform all other duties as assigned.
  • Able to perform a variety of specialized duties related to the analysis and resolution of production and scheduling problems.
  • Manpower handling & Utilization.
  • Quality assurance & attending Customer complaints & accordingly corrective step should taken
  • Molding Machine & Tools Maintenance for better results.
  • To lead the entire production team in fulfilling the production requirement of factory within the stipulated time.
  • Interpret and execute plans and policies formulated by top management
  • Follow up on Material Requisitions.
  • Preparation of production cutting list according to drawing.
  • Responsible for cleanliness and periodical maintenance of machines
  • Responsible for Production Forecasting Sourcing of materials for production as per production plan of shift & accordingly Scale-up activities of products for manufacturing process
  • Manpower planning and Material Planning, Resource Allocation and Systems Implementation, ISO implementation & documentation for Certification Audit.
  • Calculation of capacity utilization.
  • Responsible for Maximum use of raw material as per Target standards.


Job profile:


  • Diploma Engineer preferable, Excellent verbal & written communication in English & Hindi,
  • Good understanding & familiarity with Computers & applications, Strong inter-personnel skills,
  • Systematic, disciplined & prompt work style
  • Min. 4 years in production, Min. 3 years managing man power of 50+,
    Worked in an well organized organization,
  • Familiar with Excise & Sales Tax, Worked in company with products having reputed quality certification and preferably ISO 9001/2 certified,
  • Transparent, fully accountable, systematic work style, Promoting & maintaining cordial industrial relations
  • Experience of having taken independent charge of such departments.
  • Should be able to plan production & motivate the team working under them to achieve desired results.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Should be Market Focus.
  • Experience in Cost Control Measures.
  • Safety Requirements.
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