SOP Confirmation Process

12 Jan

  1. All employees will be on probation for six months, which may be altered by the management at its discretion. At the end of the Probation period their services with the company would be confirmed subject to their performance meeting requisite standards.
  1. Employee performance will be assessed on the basis of the role / responsibilities defined at the time of appointment.
  2. HR would send the Confirmation Assessment sheet with the feedback form, 10 days prior to the Date of Confirmation, to the Reporting Manager of the employee.
  3. Based on the Reporting Manager’s feedback, HR would progress on the Confirmation process.
  4. If an employee is confirmed, HR will sign and handover a letter of confirmation and discuss with the employee based on the feedback and file a copy of the same in employee record.
  5. In the event, where the Confirmation is put on hold or the probation is extended the Reporting Manager and HR would inform the employee in person with appropriate feedback. The employee would be given a copy of the feedback; original would be documented for future review.
  6. On confirmation there will be no change in annual cost to the company and other benefits.


Points to remember:
1. Successful probation requires both the employee and the Reporting Manager to be satisfied with the working relationship.

2. Performance evaluation at the time of confirmation does not involve any monitory gains.

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