Employee Local, Domestic and International Business Travel Policy

13 Jan



  1. To ensure all a clear and consistent understanding of policies and procedures for business travel
  2. To provide business travelers with a reasonable level of service and comfort at the lowest possible cost
  3. To maximize the ability to negotiate discounted rates with corporate travel agency and reduce travel expenses
  4. To provide management with a reporting/tracking tool for staff travel expenses.

Policy guideline


This policy covers expenses reimbursements and entitlements thereof for employees who travel to meet company’s business requirements, or are deputed to attend professional meetings /conferences / workshops /training programs or Temporary/ Permanent projects / engagements.

Employee Local, Domestic and International Business Travel Process

Refer to the Standard Operating Process

Important Note


  1. The policy guidelines have been laid down with the expectation that employees will ensure that:
    1. The expenses claimed and sanctioned are reasonable.
    2. All claims for reimbursements are made on the basis of reasonable expenses actually incurred towards boarding, lodging, conveyance and miscellaneous expenses.
  2. The employees are expected to preserve their railway/air tickets and other bills so as to claim the reimbursement.



  1. All expenses must be fully supported with paid bills and duly authorized by the Reporting Manger. Cash items less than Rs.500 would be considered with Reporting Manager’s Approval.
  1. The responsibility of correctly filling a claim voucher will, therefore, entirely rest with the claimant.  Any breach in any form of this trust will render the employee to very strict disciplinary action.
  1. While traveling on company business, if an employee avails casual, sick or privilege leave, he will not be entitled to reimbursements of any allowances for the period of leave.
  1. The Company is not responsible for tickets lost prior to their use. The employee will be required to replace the ticket at his/her own expense if the ticket is lost prior to the trip.
  1. Any deviations from the traveling rules require specific approval from the VP / SVP in writing.



It is the responsibility of Accounts, HR, the Reporting Manager (or her/his nominee) and the Employee, to ensure the confidentiality in respect to the travel and the reimbursement.



At all stages of the Travel process, it is the responsibility of the Employee and the Reporting Manager to handover all the necessary documents to Accounts.  Accounts is to ensure that notes are kept detailing with the reason for travel.  A compiled copy of the aforesaid notes should be in custody of HR / Admin for updating attendance record. These notes could be called upon in support of the Travel process.  The notes should therefore be relevant to, and necessary for the process itself.

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