SOP Exit Process

13 Jan


  1. I.                    Exit Process


  1. HR should receive resignation in hard copy, duly approved by the Reporting Manager.
  2. HR will intimate Accounts to stop any payment if resignation date is close to the payroll date.
  3. Final clearance form: Where the employee is supposed to take signatures from different Department Managers after handling charge. E.g. IT for desktops and deletion of email ID. Admin for stationary and cabinet keys, visiting cards. Finance for any kind of dues. Reporting Manager for Files, documents, etc.
  4. Exit interview form to be filled by the employee.
  5. Exit interview to be conducted between the employee and HR only.
  6. HR would then give a feedback to the Reporting Manager if required.
  1. II.                  Post Exit Process


  1. After the exit of the employee, in receipt of the resignation letter, final clearance form and exit interview form, duly filled in and signed by the employee; HR will calculate the full & final Settlement on the basis of the necessary details as attendance, leave records, etc. and send it to finance department for processing of the full and final.
  2. The Employee should receive the Full and final amount in 15 days from the date of relieving.
  3. The Full and final Settlement cheque should be issued to the concern with acceptance on the Acknowledgement letter for F&F.

Points to be remembered


  1. Compulsory

No, exit interview is not binding to anyone, but you can decline an exit interview. Organization will respect your decision and would treat you as non-participant.

  1. 2.       Participate


The decision to participate in an exit interview is ultimately up to the employee. 

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