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Employee Rewards & Recognition Program – HR Tips

Based on my experience in designing and deploying employee awards & recognition program. I think the few factors outlined below may be considered. These factors if considered can account for a credible employee rewards program in any organization.

As HR one of the crucial HR deliveries to the organization is to design & deploy an attractive and credible rewards program. The HR may need to consider the following factors based on his/her discretion before the final draft of the employee recognition program is stamped:

1.            Business Environment in which the employee reward program is designed

2.            Size of the organization

3.            Number of awards to be distributed in the employee recognition program and why so

4.            Categories of awards and the relevance in the organization

5.            Process of selection of the awards under the staff rewards & recognition program

6.            Credibility & transparency of the process of selection of employees to be awarded under the employee recognition program

7.            Differentiate Monetary awards & Non Monetary awards

8.            Scope of the employee rewards program

9.          Branding/ Naming the employee rewards & recognition program



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