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Confirmation Letter Format

Confirmation letter format 1

Confirmation Letter format 2

Confirmation Letter Format Ref:

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BDEL/                     / 200 -0                                       ________(DATE)







Dear Sir,


Contractual arrangement 


With reference to our earlier letter No._________ dated _________.


Consequent to the decision taken by the Board of Directors in its meeting held on ________(DATE) and subsequent to your discussions / interview held with Advisory Committee on ________(DATE), it has been decided that your consolidated compensation would be ______(AMOUNT) per month (all inclusive), after deducting the applicable taxes, if any, at source, with effect from _____(DATE).


All the other terms and conditions of the letter dated _______ referred to above would remain the same.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,






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To Whom So It May Concern




The resignation letter dated _______  of  Mr/Miss.___________________, has been accepted by  the Competent Authority with effect from close of office hours on ____DATE. Accordingly Mr/Miss. _____________will, henceforth , not be eligible for any benefits of employment at ABCD LTD.


However, on clearance of all dues payable by him to the Company, he/she stands relieved from the services of ABCD LTD with effect from close of office hours on ____DATE.






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Reference Checking Questions

Checking job or employment references is time-consuming and frequently unsatisfactory, as many employers, despite recent legislation, refuse to offer more than dates of employment, salary history and job title. Secondly, if you’re not careful, each reference check can turn into a friendly chat during which you don’t obtain the information you need to make an objective decision about hiring your candidate.

As with most Human Resources processes, a standard reference checking format is useful. You can easily compare candidates and ensure you are asking the “right” questions to make an educated decision before offering the applicant a job with your company.

I don’t check references until we are ready to make an offer to a candidate. This saves staff time and demonstrates our respect for the candidate. After all, you don’t know whether his current employer or her favorite professor even knows.  That he or she is looking for a new position. (I prefer candidates who tell their employer, but realize this isn’t always possible, or even desirable.)

Here is the format use to check references.


(Verify that the candidate’s reference checking permission signature is on your employment application before starting the interview.)


Reference Name:

Company Name:

Company Address:

Company Phone:

Dates of Employment:From:____________________To:_____________________

Starting Position: ________________________Ending: ___________________

Starting Salary: _________________________Ending: ___________________

What does your company do?

Please describe your reporting relationship with the candidate? If none, in what capacity did you observe the candidate’s work?

Reason for Leaving:

Please describe the key responsibilities of the candidate in his/her most recent position.

How many reporting staff did the candidate manage? Their roles?

Tell me about the candidate’s most important contributions to the achievement of your organization’s mission and goals.

Describe the candidate’s relationships with his/her coworkers, reporting staff (if applicable), and supervisors.

Talk about the attitude and outlook the candidate brought to the workplace.

Describe the candidate’s productivity, commitment to quality and customer orientation.

What are the candidate’s most significant strengths?

What are the candidate’s most significant weaknesses?

What is your overall assessment of the candidate?

We are hiring this candidate to (job title or quick description). Would you recommend him/herfor this position? Why or why not?

Would you rehire this individual? Why or why not?

Are there additional comments you’d like to make? Is there a question I should ask that I may have missed?




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Employee Handbook Introduction

Your Company Name: The Purpose of the Handbook

This (Your Company Name), (hereinafter referred to as (“Your Company Name” or “the Company”) Employee Handbook establishes policies, procedures, benefits, and working conditions that will be followed by all (Your Company Name) employees as a condition of their employment at the Company. The Standards of Conduct describe the expected actions and behaviors of employees while conducting Company business.

This (Your Company Name) Employee Handbook is not a contract of employment nor is it intended to create contractual obligations for the Company of any kind.

The policies and procedures outlined in this handbook will be applied at the discretion of (Your Company Name). (Your Company Name) reserves the right to deviate from the policies, procedures, benefits, and working conditions described in this handbook. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to withdraw or change the policies, procedures, benefits, and working conditions described in this handbook at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice.

The Company will make every effort to notify employees when an official change in policy or procedure has been made but employees are responsible for their own up-to-date knowledge about Company policies, procedures, benefits, and working conditions.

No provision in this employee handbook and expected Standards of Conduct can be waived without written permission from the Company’s President, or designee. Such a waiver, if granted, applies only to the employee for whom the waiver was granted at the time of the waiver.

(Your Company Name) strives to provide an employee-friendly environment in which goal-oriented individuals thrive as they achieve ever more demanding challenges. Your Company commitment to serving customers and to providing quality products at competitive prices is unwavering. These policies, procedures and working conditions provide a work environment in which both customer interests and employee-interests are served.

(Your Company Name) values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster an open, cooperative, and dynamic environment in which employees and the Company alike can thrive. The Company provides an Open Door Policy in which employees are encouraged to take problems to the next level of management if they are unable to resolve a situation with their direct supervisor.

(Your Company Name) is an equal opportunity employer. Religion, age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, race, or color does not affect hiring, promotion, development opportunities, pay, or benefits. (Your Company Name) provides for fair treatment of employees based on merit. The company complies with all applicable federal, state, and local labor laws.

Employment at (Your Company Name) is on an “at will” basis, which means that either you, the employee, or (Your Company Name), may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause. Only a written agreement, signed by the President of (Your Company Name), can change the “at will” nature of the employment of any individual.

Please review the policies, procedures, working conditions, and benefits described in this handbook. You will be asked to affirm that you have read, understand, agree to abide by, and acknowledge your receipt of this employee handbook and employee Standards of Conduct.


Company President


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Physical Examination Consent Form

Physical Examination Consent Form for Applicants

[Company Name]

I ______________ a prospective employee of [Company Name] understand that I am required to undergo a physical examination to determine my fitness for the job duties, due to the nature of the job.  In order to create and maintain a safe work environment, I hereby give my consent for [Company Name] to conduct the physical examinations it considers necessary as outlined in its “Physical Examination” policy.  I fully understand that this exam is a condition for employment.

I authorize the laboratory or medical personnel to release the results to the Company for whatever use the Company deems appropriate.  Further, I release the laboratory or medical personnel conducting the exam, the Company, and the Company´s employees, directors, officers, and successors from any liabilities, claims, and causes of action, known or unknown, contingent or fixed, that may result from this physical examination.  I agree not to file any lawsuit or other action to assert a claim.

I have read and understood this agreement, and I sign this without any coercion or duress by any individual or institution.


Print Name






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Vacation Request Form

Vacation Request Form


Employee Number:________________________________________________________________



Start Date

End Date

Total Days

Reason Code

Reason Codes:

V – Vacation Day

F – Floater Day

PL – Personal Leave Paid

PU – Personal Leave Unpaid

Employee Signature_______________________________________________________________


Manager Signature________________________________________________________________



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Welcome New Employee

Welcome-New-Employee-Letter Ref:

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Salary Advance Request Format


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Offer Letter

Offer Letter format.1

Offer Format

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