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Job Fair Tips

A job fair is one of the most effective ways to apply for jobs at a specific company, or an array of companies with your resume in hand and a smile on your face. Job fairs are an effective way to apply for a myriad of jobs and potentially even be hired on the spot. Many companies take advantage of job fairs as it is less expensive and take less time than the hiring process, yet it is 100% more effective.

There are two main types of job fairs that employers take advantage of. The first type of job fair includes only the company and is often held at the office, the store or another location. These companies seek specific candidates for the jobs. The second type of job fair has employers from a variety of sectors, therefore, there is something for everyone, literally!

There are many aspects that should be prepared for before visiting the job fair that should be addressed, but most importantly the potential employee should realize that this first impression is a chance to sell yourself as an employee to the company representative. This first impression could determine whether you are hired – therefore, it is crucial that the best first impression be made because at a job fair, it could make or break you.

As the first impression is so important, how do you ensure that you are making the right one – the one that will get you hired, on the spot? Here are some ways that you can ensure to make the best first impression to potential employers:

  • Dress in professional attire as you would for a potential interview. Clothing and appearance is one of the first things that people judge someone with, subconsciously, without even realizing it. Dressing to impress and making a professional appearance is an essential way to make the most of the job fair. Avoid flashy clothing items and flashy jewelry; rather keep it simple with a neutral business suit with a crisp white shirt. This is the winning combination in the case that you are unsure what should be worn to a job interview. Be sure that the hair is kept neat and for men, that your facial hair is kept in check to make the best first impression at a job fair.
  • Have multiple copies of your resumes and reference letters available. These are the documents that can help to land you the jobs that are being advertised at the job fair. These will be handed out to potential employers. Ensure that all contact information on the resume is updated and that the experience on the resume is relevant to the jobs which are being applied for. One should avoid the use of colored papers, rather, using an eye-catching but professional heading on the resume to engage the attention of the potential employer.
  • Be ready to fill out applications and have the information available. Despite the fact that most potential employees will bring a resume to the job fair, many companies still prefer to have an application filled, as it can have concise information about job history, education and experience in the field. These applications are often kept on file, as well as the resume should the individual be considered for, or hired for the job. Demonstrating readiness to fill out the application and choosing to highlight skills and experience is an effective way to make the best impression at the job fair.
  • Display confidence. Confidence that is backed up by knowledge and experience is the one thing that employers seek when they are holding a job fair. When speaking with the representative for the company it is important to realize that this is an impromptu interview that should be taken seriously. Speaking with confidence and intelligence can help to further the first impression and give you access to a second interview, or even the job. Use a firm handshake and eye contact to maintain professionalism. As well, it is important to avoid fidgeting while talking to representatives to the company as this can display nervousness.
  • Be ready to leave the job fair with a job. There are many companies that hire on the spot therefore it is important that you be available to come to work at the potential company within a couple of days. Be sure to tie up loose ends or other obligations before the job fair to ensure that you indeed are able to begin immediately.

The job fair is designed to expedite the hiring process; therefore, following these tips can help you gain a job, immediately – when you make the right first impression and demonstrate confidence throughout the process of the job fair.



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Job Hunting Tips

When searching for a job, there are many aspects that should be taken into account while you are searching for the job of your choice. One small mistake through the job searching process could cost you the job and reduce the chances that you will be hired by the company. On the other hand making the right first impression that leaves a positive memory in the mind of the employer can be simple, too!

Include all Contact Information on Your Resume
It is important that all contact information on the company is relevant and updated. Employers are not going to try and track you down if there is not current information on the resume. It Is important to ensure that you can be reached by the employer to maintain the professionalism of the job application process.

What kind of contact information should be included on the resume? Contact information including telephone and email information should both be included to allow the employer the chance to contact the potential applicant through either of these methods.

Apply for the Job only in the Manner that is requested
Did you know that there are some employers that will not even consider accepting a resume that has been dropped off in person if the employment ads states that the resumes should be emailed to the company electronically? It is important to demonstrate to the potential client that the potential applicant can follow instructions.

If the employer requests that your resume be dropped off in person, it is often personal preference so the potential employer can attach a face to the name of the applicant. On the other hand, if the employer asks that resumes be faxed or sent electronically to the company than the employer may not have the time to meet with potential applicants as they visit the place of employment, face to face.

Answer the Phone in a Professional Manner
When answering the phone at home while waiting for a callback from a job after the resume has been submitted, it is important to answer the telephone call professionally. Ensure that you are in a quiet environment. If you are not in a quiet environment than be sure to leave the room and find a quiet environment where you can speak to the employer, in private and confidence, away from the noise.

This can be completed easily, simply asks the employer to hold and then return to the phone call within moments once you have reached a quiet area.

Be Prepared to Interview
When speaking with an employer, be sure to be prepared for the request for an interview. Most times, this is the reason that the potential employer is contacting the potential future employee. Be sure to have a pen ready to take information that can be used to get the contact information for the employer so that you can be prepared to show up to the interview on time.

Make a Good First Impression
There is truth to the statement that you can only make one first impression – this is especially important if you are meeting with an employer for the first time. Making a good first impression should include professional attire and the applicant being prepared to answer any questions that may be asked by the potential employer.



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How to Find a Summer Job

Finding a summer job can be difficult – as many employers are seeking employees to work at the job for more than the three to four months that most students spend at their places of summer employment.

Where are some places that you can find a summer job?

  • Try searching the local newspaper for jobs that are available for students during the summer. Many of these employers use words such as part time, or students okay. This allows the potential job applicant to find a job that will be acceptable to their needs as a student and perhaps continue part time into the fall.
  • Using the internet, there are many websites that allow potential employers to list jobs that are suitable and even focused towards students. You can even use the internet to apply for these jobs.
  • Consider searching within your local university or college. This means that you can find a job that is close to your school and may even consider applications to the front of the list if they are enrolled in certain programs. This is one of the benefits of using the educational facility to search for a job.
  • Ask family members, and friends. If you have family members and friends that are in charge of running a business or work somewhere that is constantly hiring than consider asking if they are seeking employment for the summer. Many employers hire students through the summer to cover the vacation time which is often booked off by the employees.

There are many benefits to getting a summer job:

  • Having a summer job can allow the applicant to gain the experience required to supplement their education and increase the appearance of the resume to potential employers.
  • A summer job can be used to help fund the costs of tuition and living expenses while the person is attending school. This can greatly reduce the costs of student loans throughout the education and can help the student to graduate owing less money.
  • A summer job can often be extended into part time hours during the fall when the employer may still require assistance which can also help the student to earn extra money that can be used to cover living expenses.
  • A summer job can give valuable experience in a certain field that you were thinking of working in. for example, if you are taking a nursing program, getting a summer job in the office of a Doctor can help the student to determine if that is the career path that they would really like to take.

The terms of a summer job can be negotiated and the student is more likely to be hired for a job if they are able to comply with the terms that are required by the person doing the hiring. For example, being able to work the shifts that are required at the wage being offered without having to make adjustments to the schedule can help an applicant move to the top of the list.

Finding a summer job can be easy when you know where you are looking. Be sure to use tools to make your resume more appealing to potential employers. Highlight your experience in a certain field or educational classes that can help to enhance the experience that the job will require. There are often special skills that have been acquired by students that can be applied to the job. This is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition and ensure that you are the one that is hired for the job.


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How to Find an Internship

An internship is available to students and those looking to advance their career. This is often a non-paid position that allows the applicant to learn more information about the business.

There are many benefits of taking on an internship, rather than a summer employment position. The employer gains the benefit of having an extra worker that is not on the payroll and the employee can gain valuable information about the field. There is countless hours of experience that can be acquired from an internship which can help the student to advance themselves in school through the use of internships which can be exchanged for school credit and even give the student a chance to add reputable experience to their resume.

While in school it can be difficult to add experience to the resume, making it difficult to find a job. There are many places that the student can search for a potential internship, these are:

  • Internship positions are often applied for through the college or university that you attend. These internships are often specific to the program which is being studied and can replace classes during the summer, shortening the academic career.
  • Search the internet. There are hundreds of websites that offer internship postings in your city, your country and even internationally. This can give the student the chance to learn something new while travelling the world and having cultural experiences.
  • Consider searching the website of the corporation that you are interested in working with. Contacting the company could yield the creation of an internship program, even if one is currently not listed. This can be a great way to get into the company of your choice – which can open the door for future opportunities.
  • Check the local newsletter for the department at your school. This can be a great way to keep your ear to the ground when it comes to opportunities that are available through various internships. These are often listed here but many students are not aware and therefore few apply for the position. The fewer the students that apply for the position means less competition!
  • Ask members of the faculty at the school if they have any connections within the industry that can yield in a successful internship placement. If you are close to a particular faculty member, these results can often be a positive working experience.

After an internship has been applied for and the position has been offered to the potential applicant, or an interview has been granted, there are certain questions that should be asked of the employer.

  • Are there opportunities for employment at the end of the internship programs?
  • Is the positions paid? (There are some internship positions which offer payment, even minimal payment to the student for the work that is being completed).
  • What are the duties that are associated with the position?
  • When the internship is completed, are there credits which are offered to the student towards their education, which means that the work experience can equal classes.
  • Are there any other requirements that you should know about before applying for the position?

After you have determined the correct internship for you it is time to get down to work. Internships are a great way to build contacts within your potential industry and therefore it is essential to put your best foot forward and show your best at every single step of the way. Internships have many benefits – and aside from the lack of pay there are many things that can come out of the relationship which prove to be more valuable than a salary for the summer.



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How to Find Your First Job

For many, the memory of a first job is one that will stick with the person until they have settled within their career. Whether your first job is a paper route or something a little more glamorous, there are many ways to find your first job and create a resume that appeals to the potential employer.

How to Get You Resume Ready for Your First Job
There are many ways that you can prepare your resume for your first job. There are many things that you can use to fill the resume and demonstrate the experience, aside from job experience.

Use your experience in extracurricular activities to highlight the experience that you have developed through the academic career. This information should also include any clubs or organizations that you have been a part of. Taking part in these types of activities can demonstrate a high level of teamwork and include the individual as being a leader if that role has been taken on. These are the types of informative pieces that can be included on the resume in lieu of work experience.

Where should you Look for Your First Job
There are many places to look for your first job. Using these places, you should be able to find something that suits your needs and can give you the experience that you are seeking.

Use the newspaper or local classifieds to search for jobs that state that the employer will train the potential applicant or that little or no experience is necessary for the job. This can be a way for the potential applicant to learn the inside out of the company and seek information to work with the company to find room for advancement.

Use the internet to search for your first job, as there are thousands of job listings for flexible hours. Searching for the first job means that most people will also have other obligations like school. Part time job searches available on the internet can be used to accommodate these types of jobs and allow the person seeking a job to gain the experience they require, while working at a place of employment that allows them to continue their education.

It is important to realize that a first job is not meant to be glamorous. It can be difficult to find a job that entails of the perks that you are seeking – rather, think about the first job as experience and it will allow the potential applicant to get their foot in the door and gain experience that will allow the next job to come easy! The second, third and forth job always gets easier as the applicant has gained valuable experience that can be added to the resume!



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How to Find a Job

There are many places to find a job. Knowing where to look could expose you to hundreds of jobs, jobs that you would not have thought to apply for if you were not searching for jobs at these locations. Finding a job does not have to be difficult, simply knowing where to look is half the effort.

Here are some places that you can begin your job search:

The Internet
Using the internet can be a great way to find jobs as there are hundreds of job search websites that can have thousands of job listings. There are many advantages to using the internet while searching for jobs. The internet not only has multiple listings but can allow the person searching for the job to apply for the job online and electronically submit the resume to the potential employer.

The internet can be used to search for a job by sampling entering “jobs in (your location)” into the search engine. This will often bring up a list of websites that are offering job classified listings with links to the company and all information required to apply for the job. You can also go to a job search site and search for jobs in your intended field and location.

Sites like Linkedin, Career Builder, Monster, and Indeed are just a few of the great online resources that can help you secure a job.

The Company
Going directly to the company in which you are seeking a job with can yield positive results. There are often listings on the company website and applications that can be filled out by the potential applicant. This information is often kept on file for up to twelve months in case there are any openings within the company.

Going directly to the company can give the potential applicant the chance to allow management to put a face to the name when it comes to the application.

The Newspaper
The newspaper is a valuable resource when it comes seeking jobs. There are new jobs added to the newspaper daily and these listings are often available on the internet. Using the internet allows the consumer to apply for the jobs, while the newspapers allow the consumer to use traditional job application methods such as fax machines and sending the resume to the company through mail or dropping the resume off to the company in person.

Job Agencies
If the potential applicant is unable to find a job, job search agencies are often used to give additional opportunities to the person that is seeking employment. There are many companies that choose to use these types of organizations to complete the entire screening and hiring process to ensure that the potential applicants are certified and right for the position.

After speaking with a job search agency or employment agency the person seeking employment can set up an initial interview with the company where further screening and testing may be completed. At this point, the applicant will be matched with jobs that match their profile and skills that have been demonstrated through education or the job.

In many cases, the person that is seeking the job can often find employment in as little as a few days after meeting with the initial employment agency. If you are looking to find a job as quick as possible, employment agencies may be the way to go.

Take advantage of your networks; friends, family, former co-workers, classmastes, neighbors and other connections are often good sources to find a job. Make it known to them that you are in search of employment and ask them if they know of any job openings that would be suitable for you at their place of employment. Many job postings are internal and not posted publicly. If they are able to put in a good word for you, then you are likely be given an interview.

Job Fairs
A job fair is one of the most effective ways to find a job since there’ll be an array of companies at one place and time. Find out when the next job fair is by looking at local ads, inquiring at your local college, job search agency or Department of Labor. Positions at job fairs tend to be localized, so attend a job fair in the geography where you want to work.

Finding a job is not always easy, so be sure to use more than one of the job search methods above to ensure your best chance of success.


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