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Phone Interview Tips

The phone interview is an integral part of the employee hiring process. it can determine if a potential employee is going to be called for a formal interview. Have you had a recent phone interview? Many employers with multiple applicants will use the tool of the phone interview as a way to screen potential applicants with a series of questions that will determine the three to five best candidates that are suitable for the position which is being filled.

Here are some tips that you can use to make your phone interview an instant success – and get the invitation to the formal interview.

Be Prepared
If you have recently been sending your resume out to gauge the state of the job market than be prepared to hear from potential employers. Awake earlier in the morning to answer the phone when offices begin to open. One of the worst things that you can do is sound groggy and not-alert when answering the phone. This can lead to the employer forming a bad first impression. Have a pen or pencil ready with paper to note down information regarding addresses etc if you are asked to come into the office for a formal interview.

Choose a Quiet Area
Choosing a quiet area is essential when preparing for a job interview. Do not answer the phone when you are in a noise filled environment. Turn off the radio, television or any other background noises that may be in the room. If necessary, ask the person to hold for a moment and then find a quiet space. It is important to be able to speak freely without any noise or interruptions from children. Leave the room to get the best results that allow you to focus during the phone interview.

Be Focused
It is important to focus on the conversation and hear what the person is telling you. You can use the pen or pencil with the paper to take notes during the conversation. It is important to be attentive and sound interested in the opportunity while sounding positive and demonstrating your polite phone manner. Focusing on the person answering the phone and taking part in the conversation could mean the difference of obtaining those vital signals which are sometimes missed – especially when having a conversation over the phone.

Ensure that All information has Been Obtained Accurately
Having the right information could mean the difference of being late for the job interview, or even showing up at the right place! Imagine if you were distracted during the phone interview and not prepared to answer questions – If you are flustered and unable to get the right information it does not look good for your credibility. Repeating information back to the interviewer such as the date and time of the interview as well as the location and the person that you will be interviewing mirrors the behavior and demonstrates that you have been listening and attentive through the entire conversation.



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Job Interview Follow Up

Have you recently gone for an interview and are wondering about the follow up that should occur? For those people that have recently finished a job interview, here is the proper follow up that should occur after a job interview has been completed – who knows, it could help you to increase the great first impression and nail the job!

The Thank you Letter
A great follow up for an interview is a small thank you note written to the employer which will thank the employer for the time that they have spent with you during the job interview. The thank-you letter should include contact information and welcome a follow up from the employer at their convenience. Many job hunters fail to write this thank-you letter which can create a large effect from such a small gesture.

The thank you letter should be hand written, never typewritten or written on a computer. It is best written on a small note card that can make a great impression to follow up on a great interview.

The Follow up Phone Call
A follow up phone call to the company is often seen as an inconvenience. However, there are proper ways to make this phone call to obtain the information without disturbing the potential employer and ruining your chances of being called back for a second interview – or even to be offered the job.

Simply phoning to ask if the position has been filled is an effective way that can lead to an answer – as well, you can avoid waiting by the phone to hear from the company. This information can be obtained from the front desk, or you can simply leave your number to gain the information in a return phone call.

These methods can be used with success when following up on a job interview. Unfortunately, many interviewers state that they will only contact potential applicants that are going onward towards the next level. This may be a second interview, testing or even a job offer. If you are not one of these select few, or even the one – than you may not be contacted from the company to come back into the office. The important thing is not to get discouraged – keep going with your job search to find a position that is best for you. In time, you will have success at a job that you love!



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Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

Most people who are thinking about preparing for a job interview are wondering about the questions that will be posed to them – rather than the questions that the interviewer should ask throughout the job interview process. there are many people that go into a job interview and are overwhelmed by the thought of answering questions that when it comes time that the interviewer asks the applicant if they have any questions the answer is often no.

Do you have no questions that you wish to be answered than it is important to answer this question right. Simply say that the interviewer has answered any questions that you have had through the interview process.

Here are some questions that should be asked throughout the job interview process:

What Duties are expected of the position?
When the interview candidate knows the duties that are associated with the position it can be easy to outline the skills that you encompass as the best potential employee. Knowing this information can help you to demonstrate that you are indeed the best candidate. If you are unfamiliar with any of these duties you can take the time to learn about the processes.

What is the pay scale of the position?
It is important to know the approximate pay scale of the position that you are applying for. At some point during the interview the interviewer will often ask the candidate their expectations for pay. You could take this opportunity to ask if these expectations are in line with what the position is offering for compensation. This can determine if the job is actually feasible to maintain the life that you have become accustomed to and the expenses which are associated with it.

Is the position full time or part time?
This information is mostly written in the advertisement for the position, but this information has been known to change on occasion. Be sure to clarify if the job is considered to be part or full time – as well as the amount of hours that the company determines with each. Some companies have different expectations within regards to part and full time hours. This is a good time to see if the job will fit in with the scheduled activities and other obligations.

Are there opportunities for advancement in the position?
This is one of the most important parts of the interview questions for most people. When we are searching for a new job, we want to see the potential for advancement. Does this company offer potential to advance, which often comes with a higher pay scale? Be sure to get this information in the interview, as it can lead to the time being changed that you expect to be with the company – and determine your future plans.

Using these questions, you can impress the interviewer while learning more about the organization. The more informed you are about the position, the more likely the employer is to view you as a likely candidate.



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How to Answer Job Interview Questions

Questions are an important part of the job interview; they allow the employer to determine if you are indeed a good fit for the company and the environment in which the company is run. There are many standard job interview questions that employers choose to take advantage of, with the occasional creative question used to gauge the on-the-spot thinking skills of the potential employee to determine if they are a good fit for the environment.

Use these tips when answering job interview questions to ace the job interview and get the job!

Take a moment to think About Your Answers
Taking a short moment to think about the answer that you are going to provide to a question that has just been asked can help to narrow down the answer. Think about the answer in parts, if there are two parts to the question be sure to answer one part of the question at a time. When you feel yourself going off track, the question has more than likely been answered. Take this time to pause or allow the employer to follow up with a different question.

Keep answers to a maximum of one minute long
if you are able to keep answers to a maximum of one to two minutes long it can ensure that the interview will flow. Be sure to look for cues from the employer that can determine when the answer has been answered. Keeping answers longer than this could lead to the interviewer feeling like you are rambling and avoiding parts of the question.

Keep answers concise and answer the Question
It is easy to go off track and realize that you have not answered the question; using the above tips like thinking about your answer and using a time limit can ensure that you stay on track through the process of answering the questions that are asked by the employer. Keep your answer short and be sure that it answers the question that has been asked. Don’t be vague when answering questions. Highlight your answers with pauses and enthusiasm when you speak to keep the potential employer interested.

Look for Cues from the Interviewer
Body language can be an important part of the interview process. The employer uses body language and the interviewee can often mirror this body language to establish a rapport between the person conducting the interview and the person that is interviewing for the position. Cues can lead the interview to the places to answer those hard questions. Be sure to keep your body language open and look for signs like agreeing and nodding while you are answering the questions. If this is happening, than you know that you are going in the right direction.

Job interview questions can be a breeze when you know how to answer. Use a mirror, friend or family member to practice common interview questions with to allow you to think on your feet, easily.


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Common Job Interview Questions

There are certain questions that are asked at nearly every job interview. Knowing the right way to answer these questions can make the difference in a successful or not successful interview. To prepare, simply have a friend or family member, or rehearse out loud with yourself and the mirror to practice these common questions. Be sure to avoid sounding rehearsed when answering the questions as this can lead to the potential employer questioning if the answers are genuine.

Here are some common questions and tips to keep in mind when answering them.

What are some of your weaknesses?
Although it is important to be honest when answering these questions – it truly makes a difference in the manner that the question is answered. Be sure to answer honestly about any weaknesses and then outline the measures that have been taken to improve in these areas. This can offset the answer while demonstrating to the employer that you are taking the initiative to improve any weaknesses that affect your work. Compliment these weaknesses with some strength that have the ability to set you apart from the competition. Be sure to speak in the terms of how you have been able to improve these weaknesses through the process of learning in the workplace.

Why did you leave your Last Job?
Whatever the reasons for leaving your last job, it is important to be honest with the employer about the reasons for leaving the last position that you have held. Why does the employer ask this question through the interview process to potential applicants? The answer to this question can hold the behaviors that may come from past jobs – that may be parts of the working history and could be demonstrated in this job. It is important to speak of past positions positively – as negative words about the past employer can lead to ill feelings on the part of the interviewer.

What Kind of Work Environment do you wish to work in?
Employers have a feeling of their work environment – and ask this question to determine how you will fit into the office. What types of environments have you worked in? If the majority of the work in the office is completed in a cubicle and you are used to working on your own, at home – are you going to be able to successfully make the adjustment to the office environment? Employers can seek cues from your answers to this and other types of question to make the judgment whether you are going to fit into the company.

The trick is to be prepared for these common questions that come up during job interviews. Job interviews are one of the first of many tests that come with a job and need to be passed with flying colors to establish that you are indeed the best candidate for the job. If you are able to provide answers that can lead the interviewer to have this rapport established and secure with the feeling that you can fit in with the environment than you can easily ace the interview. Using these tips – you can be sure to be prepared and put your best foot forward.



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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Dressing for a job interview can be confusing – as there are many types of workplaces and many types of attire that can be used throughout the interview process. Are you worried about how to dress for your next job interview? Use these tips to ensure that you truly are dressed for success!

Avoid Too Many Accessories
Too many accessories can reduce the amount of professionalism that should come when you are preparing for an interview. Small earrings should be chosen, compared to large earrings that dangle. When choosing accessories for your hands, it should be kept to a minimum with only necessary rings and a delicate bracelet. Body jewelry should be avoided as should large overstated accessories. For men, avoid bracelets and only keep it to a ring and a watch to make the most professional impression.

Dress in a Professional Manner
It is important to make the best first impression when dressing for a job interview. The first impression is the most important when it comes to meeting with a potential employer, or supervisor at the potential company that is going to employ you. A business suit with a skirt and jacket, or pants and jacket for women and a business suit with a jacket for men is the recommended attire for a job interview. It is important to make the best impression and avoid low cut shirts and overly revealing clothing.

Choose Conservative and Professional Colors
For those seeking professional jobs – use navy, grey and black to make the best impression for your job interview. Pairing these options which a white shirt can have a clean and professional affect that will allow you to make a statement without your wardrobe. Use smart accessories to complete the look.

Choose Classic Over Trendy
It is important to use classic clothing choices that can create the best impression over trendy items that can create the appearance of an immature employee. It is important to dress your age when preparing for a job interview, do not wear clothing that will age you or that will cause you appearance to be younger.

Choose the Right Fit
When you choose the right fit for clothing it is important to choose clothing that will flatter your body, shape and coloring. The right fit of clothing can create all of the difference in the first appearance and you wouldn’t want to have a wardrobe mistake be the reason that you were not chosen for the job. When something that does not fit properly it can make the outfit uncomfortable to wear, and the appearance can be seen in the actions and behavior of the applicant. Choosing the right fit for an outfit could mean the difference in your great first impression.



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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview doesn’t have to be stressful. The key to a successful job interview is preparation. When the candidate is prepared for the interview and the questions and answers that will follow in the process – there are many tips and tricks that can be used while preparing for an interview. Take these aspects into account when preparing for a job interview, they can help you to get the job!

Prepare for the Questions during the Interview
When you have prepared answers before the interview occurs, it will give you time to rehearse simple answers. Beware not to rehearse too much; it can be difficult to answer using these answers while ensuring the answer sounds genuine. It is important to use short pauses throughout the interview and to establish an answer quickly rather than experiencing large pauses after questions have been asked throughout the interview process.

Research the Background of the Company
Preparing for the job interview should include researching the company. Researching the company could include visiting the website which will be full of useful information including the vision and values that the company holds.

Dress the Part
What type of attire is expected at the place that you are trying to obtain a job at? It is important to dress the part to ensure that you will fit in. business casual is recommended during an interview, at the very minimum. Keeping jewelry to a minimum and removing any piercings that may give the wrong impression is recommended by job hunting experts. When trying to dress for a job interview it is important to dress conservatively!

Have Copies of your Interviews Available
It is important to bring a copy of your resume to the interview to offer to the employer. Print off a copy of the resume to be presented in a folder, offer a copy of the resume to the interviewer, as well as any other people that are involved in the interview process. Especially if the resume has been sent to the potential employer electronically, it is important to provide a solid and hard copy to the potential employers.

Have References Available and Ready to Contact
It is important to have references available to contact after the interview process has been completed. The references should have been contacted beforehand to inform these past employers and references that they are going to be contacted in the near future from potential employers. Giving these employers the heads up can increase the chances of the past employer having time to prepare for the phone call to receive the best results.

A job interview can be less stressful and more successful when the applicant comes to the interview prepared. The interviewer is able to determine if a candidate is prepared, and unfortunately – if they are not. Be sure to use these tips when applying for your next job to come out successful at the end of the application process.


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